Closed Door

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Part 47

Dear Diary, 

I’ve given up waiting for Cal to have time.  I’ve also given up the idea of being able to afford the lumber to fix the porch much less being able to get to the store to buy it.   

It isn’t Cal’s fault.  All area LEOs are working double shifts.  Sometimes he is so tired he can’t risk driving home and he just collapses where ever there is space at the department or substation depending on where he ends his second shift.  

This might have gone off much more easily for the feds if they’d picked some nice Yankee city that didn’t mind putting up with more new laws and heavier application of existing laws.  But they aren’t up north where the weather is cooling rapidly and people don’t mind staying inside.  They are here in the Deep South where it is still warm enough that people don’t mind being outside and creating a mess.   

Rather than quiet things down martial law is making things worse.  And trouble is starting to pop up in other cities now too.  Some of the mainstream and cable media outlets just can’t seem to bring themselves to understand it.  The government is just here to help us after all.  Yeah right.  

And for those media outlets and bloggers that dare to raise a dissenting opinion, a few have mysteriously gone dark.  Some pulled their own plug but not all of them.  I stopped trying to keep up with it all after a cameraman accidentally on purpose panned back from a news desk on one of the cable networks normally considered conservative by most people and low and behold there were some uniformed men standing there with some serious fire power backing them up … the DHS insignia clearly visible. 

The whole incident was spun so much it is a wonder the cream didn’t turn to butter.  Apparently they were just there for an interview … no wait … they were there for an inspection … oh, it was all just a misunderstanding, see they were there to protect the media personality because he’d been threatened.  Uh huh.  And I’m going to believe that this side of Heaven’s Gate.  Not likely.  And now the Department of Justice is involved and the cameraman, media personality (who refused to play ball with the spun story), and the owners of the network are all under investigation.  How convenient. 

I get so flustered when I think about it that sometimes all I can do is put it away, put it out of my mind, and focus on my personal problems and try and find some creative solution.


  1. All caught up! This is a good story :)

  2. Thanks for the chapters Kathy great story.