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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Part 32

Dear Diary, 

Lesson learned, never boil crabs or shrimp inside.  I swear it smells like one of the crabs crawled out of the pot and off into a corner and died someplace and I just haven’t been able to find it yet.   

I spent most of the day canning crab meat and scallops in small pint jars.  The crab shells are now simmering making shellfish stock and I will can that as well.  And tomorrow I’m going to crush what remains of the shells and put it in the compost pile that I have going.  I’m sure the raccoons will be tempted to dig around in the pile but I’ve got a lock on the screen lid so hopefully they won’t be able to make much of a mess. 

I’m glad that I’m almost finished canning or drying what’s in the freezer and that my stove runs on propane because the electricity was out most of the day.  I hauled water from the river to flush with and to water my plants with and saved what was in the water barrels to water the animals with.  I had three people from the shore stop by to ask me if I had any power.  I said sorry but no.  A couple of them acted like I had to be lying but then they’d get a whiff of the crabs and I’d give them a sad face and explain “stuff is just spoiling in this heat.” 

Boy they are gullible.  Cal says they’re sheeple and wants me to keep my distance.  Sheeple is just sheep + people.  Silly name for silly people.  It’s hurricane season, I can’t believe they don’t have a few emergency supplies put aside.  I think most of them are transplants from up north.   

Dorrie’s Uncle Darryl is back.  Not thrilled.  But the man has definitely hit a low point in his life and perhaps will start singing a different tune.  Man got in a fight and his knuckles were cut by the other guy’s teeth.  Well the scrape got infected as some bites tend to and he lost three fingers and a good bit of his palm on his right hand … looks like a crab pincer now.  If the doctors had been able to see him sooner he might not have lost so much but because the injury was a result of carelessness on his part he didn’t get the emergency attention he needed. 

That’s not the first time I’ve heard that story.  Just yesterday on the local news there was a story that a boy died from injuries sustained while doing some tricks on his bike.  His family said he was wearing a helmet and other protective gear but that he landed on a curb and bruised his stomach.  Since the injuries were deemed “self-inflicted due to carelessness” he was triaged.  Turns out he’d ruptured something and bled out overnight while he waited in the emergency room to see a doctor.  I expected that the segment was going to be a rousing condemnation of the healthcare laws but instead ended up in a lecture about how people needed to be more responsible and not waste the medical establishment’s resources that could be better spent on people that had more to offer to society. 

The clinic where I take Feena – the only one still accepting what remains of the tri-care system – has been pushing me to consider long term birth control.  I keep telling them I don’t need birth control, long term or otherwise, but that hasn’t stopped them from their innuendoes and encouraging little remarks.  It’s disturbing.   

I mentioned it to Dorrie and she said, “I get the same thing from work all the time.  I’ve even been threatened that if I get pregnant I can kiss my job – and maybe my license – good bye.” 

“Little harsh don’t you think?  They can’t take your license away for having a baby.” 

“State issues the license, the state can take it away and set the rules.  Too many people out of work.  They figure if they lose me they can replace me.”  Then she glanced around to see if anyone else was listening before whispering, “If I didn’t bring in my paycheck there would be hardly any cash coming in except for the liquor store.  Dad hates making money off of other people’s misery but he doesn’t know what else he can do.  Gerald isn’t up to it; the man doesn’t know his name about half the time these days.  I’ve tried to tell his doctor that the meds he is on are too strong but what do I know, I’m just a lowly CNA.  Gran says that she trusts me more than the doctors who she thinks just want Gerald out of the way since he’s old and not rich.  She’s going to slowly cut back his medicine and we’ll see how it goes.” 

On a different note I asked, “So … how are you and Josh getting along.” 

“Oh shut up.” 

She blushed and I laughed.  I didn’t begrudge her the chance at a life.  Lord knows I had my chance.  Just because my dream went to heck in a hand basket doesn’t mean I want everyone’s to. 

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  1. Thanks Kathy great story looking forward to more of it.