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Friday, August 15, 2014

Part 25

Dear Diary, 

I’m not any less angry than I was.  If anything I am more but I’m more in control of it now.  It has also helped to do a few things about it.  Cal wasn’t happy with what I did.  He wasn’t angry either.  I’m not sure he’s feeling anything right now.   

I found Josh’s number in Cal’s cell phone and called him.  “Josh?  It’s Aria Lowery … Cal’s cousin.” 

“Hey sure … uh … is Cal all right?” 

“Yeah.  Hey, did I wake you up?” 

“No, it’s all right.  I crashed here at the station because my shift went long.  What’s up?” 

“Cal told me what happened.  He’s not in any kind of trouble is he?” 

“Naw.  The other guy is but his old man has some pull in IAB.  They just think it’s better if Cal … you know … gets away from it all for a while.  That’s the only reason he was reassigned, at least until it all blows over.  Didn’t you just say that Cal explained things?” 

“He hit the highlights but he’s kind of been vague on the details.  He’s also been pretty closed off since a little run in yesterday with a weasel.” 

“Yeah, I saw it on youtube.  That was beautiful, pure genius.” 

“Not really, they just made me mad.  I owe Cal and Lily my life and to see things turn out like they have.  It just set me off.  Life’s hard enough as it is … you know?” 

“Yeah that’s a roger on that.  Look, Cal doesn’t have to report in until this Monday, sleep might do him some good and be what he needs.” 

“That’s what he is doing now and thanks for letting me know about Monday, that’s what I was calling about in the first place.” 

“That out of it is he?” 

“Pretty much.” 

“Ok.  You call if you need anything.  And tell Cal to call and keep me in the loop.  Keep us all in the loop.  We’ll grab some beers and go fishing as soon as he’s ready for company.” 

“Sure, I’ll tell him.” 

How is it possible to love someone, to have them disappoint you so badly, and yet continue to love them?  I went through that with Daniel but at least there was a reason in there I could understand.  This thing between Cal and Lily just makes no sense to me whatsoever. 

Cal returned home unexpectedly and found … well, the less said about what he found the better.  The who is the problem of the moment.  Lily started an affair with Percival “butter won’t melt in my mouth” Perfect.  That’s not the guy’s real name but close enough.  Another cop.  And not just any cop, but the guy that got promoted to detective ahead of Cal likely ‘cause his daddy had pull ‘cause what I’m hearing it sure wasn’t because of his test scores.   

Of course none of that mattered when Cal walked in and caught them … uh … experiencing the moment.  Cal grabbed the guy mid … uh … he threw him out of the house buck naked for all the neighbors to see and then erupted a verbal volcano all over Lily.  He never laid a hand on her but he hadn’t even come close to winding down before the cops arrived on the scene.  And she was giving as good as she got. What a mess. 

And even though it was Cal that is the wounded party he’s the one that had to leave the house proving yet again that the world is nothing but a cesspool of sexist crap … on both sides of the gene pool.  Cal refused to leave without his stuff and his buddies that had heard the call and arrived on the scene backed him up.  Lily realized she was losing control of the situation and called her father and he sent a lawyer friend over but that was a flop.  Once the guy saw the situation he backed off; he is a high profile criminal attorney and didn’t want to mess up his relationship with the cops … or get his reputation sullied by something like a cheating wife.  In the meantime, with one guy filming the entire process, Cal and his buddies started splitting everything in the house 50/50 with Cal taking anything and everything he’d inherited when his parents died which included some antiques and a few other things that Lily coveted.  He also took the filing cabinet with all their legal documents, their home computer – she had her own laptop for work but didn’t always use it and Cal wants to have a computer friend of his go over the hard drive for incriminating files – and he emptied their checking and savings accounts of half their contents and quickly took the time to stop his automatic deposits from going in to their shared account since Lily makes as much as he does as a graphic designer.  He also got her name removed as beneficiary off his 401K and a few other financial kind of things which was why it was lunch time before he showed up. 

Cal was riding on emotional jet fumes.  Now he’s all but crashed and burned.  He’s asleep on the sofa in the living room in the same position he was in when he shut his eyes about six hours ago. 

.I know exactly what they are going to try and say, what they are going to infer.  I’ve already gone through that once when Daniel had his parents doubting that Feena was his.  Lily is not going to like how I push back this time if she takes it further than I’m willing to tolerate.

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