Closed Door

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Part 23

Dear Diary, 

I got a call about ten o’clock and it just about scared the pee out of me because I was getting ready for bed.  I have to be up early in the morning to go try and glean the last of the blueberries with Dorrie and her mom and aunt.  I saw the caller ID on my cell phone and sighed. 

“Yes.  The doors are locked, bolted, and double checked.  All of the windows too.  The downstairs shutters are closed and locked.   Just because you aren’t here to check behind me doesn’t mean I don’t do it.” 

He snorted.  “Not that.  Have you been listening to the news?” 

“No, I’ve been in the shower.” 

He snorted again which was never a good sign.  “A major riot is being reported in Atlanta.  Somebody started a rumor that the state plans to cut its entitlement rolls by half and everyone is going to have to reapply and for every child over two, the benefits will go down.” 

“Sounds reasonable in the current economic environment.  I don’t think Georgia will do it but it does sound reasonable.” 

“Exactly.  Sounds too reasonable and it has scared a lot of people dependent on government handouts.  I’m on my way in; they think Tampa might pop if Atlanta really blows.  I know you are supposed to go pick berries tomorrow but if it does, I’m … I’m asking you nicely with sugar and a cherry on top to stay home.  Please.” 

Cal sounded really strange.  “Oh.  Well, yeah sure.  If there is going to be rioting in the street I think I’ll just stay home and wash my socks.  Maybe watch some paint dry if I get too bored.  But maybe not, paint is a little bit much for me.  Gotta watch the blood pressure and all that.” 

That made him laugh and he sounded close to normal again though still serious.  “You just won’t do girl.  Look, regardless I might be a little hard to reach for the next few days.  I’ll likely either be on patrol or sleeping at the substation.  If you need anything though, you call and keep calling until you reach me.  OK?” 

“Sure.  But Cal …?” 


“I’d hate to lose my favorite cousin so you be careful.” 

“Always am.”

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